One day for the Prodigy in Athens, in Tae Kwon Do

Two days become one and PRODIGY will ultimately be in Athens on September 17 at the Faliro Indoor Olympic Venue of Tae Kwon Do.

When a few months ago, the day of EJEKT Festival I saw on the video wall that PRODIGY will come back I was glad indeed. I had not seen them last time in Agios Kosmas, at the Rockwave of 1999 and I would love to see one of the bands,  whom I "danced"  my student years to...

The area of "Athens Arena" sounded strange initially, perhaps because it has not been held relevant concert there (only two years ago at Ayo's anniversary of  Kosmos Festival). However, the place has very good audio (it is an indoor  and well thought-out space also) and maybe it suited a band with not an easy  sound in concert ...

Tickets for the first day (09/17) vanished very quickly, like those of the second, announced a few days after the first sold-out . Rightly so moved by the organizers and added one more day. Yes we know that was not enough ... Yes we know that there are still people who want to see the Prodigy live and never had a chance to buy tickets.

For these reasons therefore Detox decided to ask the band to turn the two days in one and  move the concert to Faliro Indoor Olympic - Tae Kwon Do . I visited the site four times, as I recall ... The Jean Michel Jarre concert had a very good sound admittedly! This year´s EJEKT, last year´s  Coca Cola Soundwave with Primal Scream, Bloc Party and Morrissey years ago didn't exactly have the best of sounds.

Prodigy So yes, it is disappointing for many who wanted to see the band in a venue with good sound. Yes, in the venue with the good sound system  good sound
can be produced. Will it happen, though? Let's see ... we will be there indeed and we will inform you in Mix Grill "minute by minute" and Twitter for everything we see and hear.

At present, it is good to know that a few more tickets are
issued and reasonably in 1 to 2 days they will have been sold out and two appearances of PRODIGY in Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki). So those who have not had the time the past few days, let's hurry ...

Finally, as you will see the following press release, those who have tickets for 16/09 and do not want to see the concert or have bought for both days, may redeem their ticket until Wednesday.

PS: The reason given by the Prodigy below for this change is for technical reasons of the "Athinon Arena "..... ..............

Press Release

Athens Olympic Indoor Faliro TaekwonDo
September 17 2010

Thessaloniki, PAOK Arena
September 18 2010


Prodigy After the first sold out the of Prodigy Concert in Athens on September 17 in Athens, at Athinon Arena and in order to meet the high demand for tickets,
a second day in the same area on September 16 was added . But this concert was sold out in less than 10 days, but the demand for more tickets remains undiminished.

Since there may not be a third concert in Athens, due to the Prodigy planning of the tour and in order to be able to meet the great public demand, the Prodigy and the company organizing the concert Detox jointly decided to carry out a single concert in Athens on 17 September at the Faliro Olympic Indoor Venue TaekwonDo.

All tickets that have been sold for both the 16 and on September 17 and have listed on them as the venue  the Athinon Arena, normally apply for the single concert in Athens. Those holding tickets of the concert on 16 September who do not wish to attend the concert, they can return their tickets and get a refund back from the shops and selling points until Wednesday, September 15 2010.

In addition, new tickets already sold for the concert Sept. 17 at the Public in Syntagma, Tickethouse and . The number of tickets is limited.

Here's the official announcement of the Prodigy from the site:

" Due to technical issues with the Athenon Arena, it has been decided by the promoters, with the agreement of the artist, to combine the Athinon Arena concerts and move to a larger venue - the Faliro TaeKwonDo Olympic Arena. All tickets for the former 16th and 17th September concerts at Athinon Arena are valid for the concert at the TaeKwonDo Arena. Ticketholders of the former 16th September show who are unable to attend the concert on the 17th can return their tickets for a full refund at the selling-point they purchased them from up till Wednesday 15th of September.
Due to the bigger venue, additional tickets are now on sale at the ticket-selling points.
For more info please check: "

For the concert in Thessaloniki (18 / 9 PAOK Arena) a great number of tickets has already been sold and they are going fast.


For the concert in Athens:
Presale: 43 euros in , the Tickethouse (Panepistimiou 42)  and in Public in Syntagma
Box office: 48 Euros

For the concert in Thessaloniki:
Presale: 40 euros in Tickethouse (Metropoleos 102), and the Public
Fund: 45 Euros

Info: 210 9611240 (weekdays 12.00 - 17.00) and
Contact media: Stavros Striligkas, / pragency

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